How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

This is entirely dependent on the brief and the amount of time needed to retouch. I also may be working on other projects at the same time so it is important to give me a clear idea at the time of the enquiry when the photographs will be needed by.

Do I have to create a brief?

Yes please! I ask all my clients to create a brief based off my template which I will send over to you. If you would like me to create the brief, then this will be an additional cost quoted to you.

What license comes with your rates?

I only include an online license for four years with my basic photography rate. For any additional licenses, this will be a further fee which will be discussed with you.

What about backgrounds and props?

I have a range of backdrops and props already at no extra cost but if there are any particular props or backgrounds that will be needed, this will be an additional cost.

Do you work with Stylists?

Yes absolutely! I love to work with either a Food Stylist or Prop/Cosmetic Stylist with studio shoots as it gives me time to focus on the photography and lighting but I do understand this is an additional cost and may not fit in within your budget.

When can we shoot?

I normally have a waiting time of 6-8 weeks so please get in touch as soon as you would like to do a shoot so I can get you booked in.

Can I come to a home shoot?

For all home shoots, the client is not present. I will provide you with a link to a dropbox folder on the day which will be updated as I am going.

What is the difference between retouching and editing?

Retouching is the whole process to create that final image. This includes all basic and advanced editing but also any further magic from Photoshop. I prefer to use the term retouching to editing as it involves a range of different techniques to get that final image.

How many amendments can I have on the photographs?

I offer two rounds of amends but I do ask that all amends are sent to me within 7 days of the photograph delivery as I have other projects going on and will need to schedule in time.

How many photographs can you shoot in one day?

This is completely dependent on the brief and the different setups involved. It can range from 1 photograph a day to 50+.