FULL DAY: £1,350

HALF DAY: £700

Usage: Online Usage for 10 years.

What's included?

Pre-Shoot Consultation

I provide a video consultation before the shoot to understand the client's requirements, ensuring that I am aligned on the creative direction.

Creative Assistant on Shoot Day

A creative assistant who will be by my side throughout the shoot. From helping to arrange props to ensuring the lighting is just right, my assistant is there to ensure every aspect of the shoot runs smoothly.

Studio Setup

I will set up the equipment, lighting, backdrops and props to create the studio settings required at the desired location.

Latest Canon Photography Equipment

I have the last professional Canon camera bodies and lens, providing the tools needed to achieve exceptional results. My collection of lenses allows me to capture a variety of different perspectives.

Latest Profoto Lighting Equipment

The use of Profoto lighting guarantees that your products are illuminated with precision and finesse. My lighting knowledge ensures that the right mood and ambiance are created for the look desired.

Tethered Photoshoot

Witness images coming to life on a generous 16-inch screen in real time, enabling immediate feedback. Rest assured in the accuracy and vibrancy of colours across all screens, thanks to the advanced colour calibration and liquid retina display of my MacBook Pro's M2 technology.

Versatile Backdrops and Surfaces

I have a range of different coloured and textured surfaces/backdrops.


I have a variety of props, including podiums and plinths, to add depth and context to your product photography.

Guidance & Direction

With a substantial portfolio that spans across renowned brands like L'Oreal, Amazon, Look Fantastic, Maybelline, Boots, Garnier and ASOS, I bring a wealth of experience and industry understanding to every project.

What's not included?

Studio & Location Hire:

If you wish to utilise a studio setting for your project, please be aware that the studio rental cost or any location fees are not included in the rates provided. I am more than happy to assist you in finding a suitable studio location and coordinating the booking process if needed.

If you prefer to avoid these expenses, I also provide home shoot services.

However, please note that these sessions are conducted remotely via virtual platforms like WhatsApp.

Prop Stylist / Food Stylist / Models / MUA / Hair Stylist / Wardrobe / etc

Any requirements for the above are not included in the rate.

Photo Editing / Retouching costs

The cost of the photo editing and retouching after the shoot has taken place is not included in this rate.

More information on this is available here.


Any travel expenses related to the shoot are not included.

Additional backdrops/surfaces/props required

If you require extra backdrops, surfaces, or props beyond the selection I provide, those items are not included.

Where can you shoot?

External Studio or Location (not included in rate)

Home Shoot

Clients location i.e office premises