How I ended up here....

My journey into the world of product, food photography and retouching took a unique path. Instead of pursuing a formal education in photography, I am self - taught and have learnt so much through different experiences.

Growing up, my career trajectory was far from clear. Graduating from university with a degree in Marketing & Business, I found myself at a crossroads with no clear direction. My personal journey was shaped by my battle with severe acne during my teenage years and early twenties. Makeup became my armour, not only concealing my acne but also igniting a passion for the artistry behind it.

Driven by this newfound passion, I embarked on a journey to become a Makeup Artist, immersing myself in a year of education encompassing fashion, TV & film, and special effects prosthetic makeup. A tutor introduced me to the world of PR within the makeup industry as this avenue offered a unique opportunity to connect with top Makeup Artists, so I decided to explore it further. Landing a PR internship at Illamasqua, and then Smashbox & Bumble and Bumble for a year, I learnt an invaluable amount about the beauty industry. My career continued to evolve when I joined Estée Lauder's PR team, where I worked on major campaigns and collaborated with influencers, Makeup Artists, and journalists.

However, I couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that something was missing. The realisation that I yearned for a different path grew undeniable, prompting a bold decision to quit. My burgeoning interest in nutrition, influenced by its positive impact on my acne-prone skin, led me to pursue an MSc in Nutrition. Armed with a newfound understanding of the link between food and health, I started a nutrition blog, accompanied by food photography to complement my recipes. A borrowed Nikon camera from my father, a street photographer, marked my initial foray into photography.

As I experimented with food photography, my passion ignited. Photography began to overshadow my blog. My Instagram following grew, and my career as a Nutritionist thrived. Still, my true passion lay behind the lens. I decided to immerse myself in food photography, reaching out to restaurants across London to build a clientele. This led to a significant turning point in my career, and I began crafting a robust portfolio. Seeking professional representation, I contacted several agents, unsure of the response I would receive. To my surprise, one of London's top agents recognised potential in my work, offering to represent me as an amateur photographer.

My career in commercial photography took off, and I was soon involved in large-scale projects, including a Nestlé production with a dedicated team. However, the onset of the pandemic brought challenges, including the retirement of my agent and a decline in restaurant work. Determined to diversify my skills, I ventured into Photoshop and expanded my portfolio to include cosmetics photography. L'Oreal took notice of my work during this period, leading to a series of projects that are still happening today.

My portfolio continues to evolve, offering endless possibilities and surprises each day. Alongside my photography, I've honed my skills as a retoucher, adept in both Photoshop and Lightroom. From capturing the beauty of products and food, I'm passionate about transforming subjects into visual art. Photography is not just my profession; it's my art, and I'm grateful for the diverse experiences that have shaped this journey!