Please ensure you have read and accepted my T&Cs.


The brief for the project should include all information on image dimensions and sizing with any export requirements if needed. To see my brief template - click here.


Deadlines for the final retouched /edited photographs need to be provided to me as soon as possible so this can be discussed if it can be achieved.

If no retouching is required, all RAW images will be provided to you to straight from the shoot.


Please ensure all products are delivered to me prior to the shoot day. If any product needs to be sent back to you, please let me know prior to the shoot commencing.


Whilst I do appreciate products can be delayed and shoots may need to be pushed back, I can not always do this due to other shoot commitments. Please ensure all products are with me if possible before the shoot day.


9-1 (Half day - 4 hours)

9-6 (Full day - 8 hours)


Expect to hear from me via text/WhatsApp between 9.30-10 once the first image has been shot. The photographs will be placed into a Dropbox folder. A link will be shared with you.


Any comments on the day are very welcome but please be aware of timings. If I have already moved on to a new setup by the time your comments come through, I will go back at the end to re-do if there is time.

Keep an eye on the Dropbox folder during the day!


If a high quantity of photographs are requested on the brief, there will not be enough time on the day to perfect each image. Therefore more time will be needed in the editing process.


In order to make your image perfect - retouching is essential. Retouching means all basic and advanced editing corrections, image export requirements, crop dimensions, imperfection removal etc as well as any further Photoshop magic.


Whilst amends are welcome, please provide them within 7 days of the photographs being sent. 2x round of amends are included but any extra hours/days needed will be an additional cost at a further date.


Once all the photographs have been sent to you, the license to use and invoice will follow.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please email me on lizzy@lizzyroseclough.com